Paul-Elliott Cobbs
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Acclaim / News

Media Coverage (Representative)

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October 3, 2007
The Seattle Times
Fanfare for Everett: The Everett Symphony Orchestra has grown up with Everett.
June 28, 2006
Everett Herald
Symphony gets to Carnegie Hall and knocks ‘em dead
Maestro Paul-Elliott Cobbs conducts the orchestra in the “Afro-American Symphony”
March 13, 2003
Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland)  [PDF:94k]
Barwyn Sen
December 19, 1996
Freie Press (Germany)  [PDF:105k]
Mit ganzer Kraft vom deftigen Chaos zum Triumph,
Dr. Paul Elliott Cobs aus den USA dirigiert am Sonnabend
Beethovens Neunte mit Orchestern und Solisten
November 1995
Oyatosa (Japan)  [PDF:93k]
Interview at Kamimuragukuen
March 20, 1995
The Seattle Times  [PDF:206k]
A German Overture: With a love of music and hard work,
a conductor conquers years of distrust
January 6, 1991
The Herald, Everett  [PDF:222k]
Music In a Multicultural Key: Conductor's insights
into black music win acclaim


What They're Saying:

"Cobbs exhibits an impressive rapport with musicians as well as the audience." The Herald.

"Cobbs' story is the triumph of talent, determination, focus and family over odds that might have daunted a lot of hopeful young maestros." The Seattle Times.

Education Programs:

"If all teachers had the energy, ability and the rapport with kids that you have, we would see more achievement by all students and fewer dropouts from the system. "
Katherine Allen
Washington State House of Representatives
Former Member, Edmonds School Board

"Your contribution to society will not be overlooked through your fine influence for generations to come."
Slade Gorton
United States Senator

"Through his extensive experience with Youth Symphonies he is able to introduce complicated music in a non-threatening and inspiring manner."
Verla Rae Kwiram
Northwest School

"You have such a warm touch with our Grade K-5 students and the music was just exquisite!"
Carmen Tsuboi Chan
Dearborn Park Elementary School

"Mere words can never thank you enough for all that you have done for the Northwest Chamber Orchestra and our delightful childrens' concerts. Thanks to you, the school concerts are a tremendous success."
Louise Kincaid
Northwest Chamber Orchestra

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